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3 min readOct 10, 2020


As I think about the whole premise of “FREEDOM OF THOUGH” that Medium likes to promote here on their page and that we all love and enjoy as a contributors of Medium. I was thinking to myself..FREELY. How cool it may be to write an entire article about thinking freely and what that feels like. What could happen when one gets in the zone to think freely andwhat about the ideas that arise. Well, my friends as I film myself writing this article on my Canon RP with a GoPro Mount and while drinking a Margarita while jamming a remix of Eric Clapton’s “ I Shot the Sheriff” by Jamie Hassison on Youtube I realize just how fun it is to not only think freely but write freely.

However, with all this freedom comes great responsibility. What do we think about and what will we do with all these thoughts jumbled up in our heads? The priveledge it is in todays society to have a platform like Medium to be able to write about anything we want, hoping to inspire the world with our words is an incredible ability.

Someone reading this very story might actually be inspired to sit down at their computer and write their very first blog while jamming the same song I am for the first time. Heck, maybe they will write their very first book who knows?

If my little rant on freedom of thought inspires anybody to do one act of kindness, one act of good or at the least leave a comment below or give a clap for appreciating my story. Well, then I suppose the freedom I had to write this story on Medium was enough to inspire you and that my friends is what it’s all about.

I want to describe the mood a bit more. Im sitting here at my desk with a large window to my right. In front on me is my 2018 Mac Book Pro 13 inch that I am typing these very words. To the left of me is my I-pad 7th generation opened up with txt messages streaming and my Canon RP filming all the action on my K&F Tripod with a Sigma 18–35MM lens. To my upper right corner is my book case with titles such as the 5am Club by Robin Sharma, Stop Doing That Shit by Gary John Bishop, The Story Tellers Secret by Carmine Gallo and for the Sports Enthusiest; Born To Run by Christopher McDougall.

All of these books inspire my own thought process, my writing style and the books I read in the future. All of these authors all started with a thought to create. Create a story, an Idea or a movement.

This is the power of writing and power of Freedom of Thought. So my friends, as we conclude this quick read I am attempting to reach into your hearts and inspire your soul. To take all those feeling and ideas and put them down on the keyboard. To write until your heart is content and to tell your stories bc this my friends is what freedom of thought is all about.

Just do it, right now..





Ice Kevin

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