“The Benefits of Mentorship & Navigating the Journey”

Gary on the left and myself on the right. Mammoth Lakes, CA. September 2, 2016
  1. Expect to grow in Maturity at a fast pace .
  2. Realize a mentors job and understand that “What you need the most, in not necessarily what you want right now.”
  3. Try not to let your feelings get in the way and understand that it’s just as painful for your mentor to help you grow as it is for you going through the growing process. Mentorship is personal and if both parties are not mature and emotionally stable the agreement can easily go south very quickly.
  4. Remember that your mentor is your friend and you need to be just as sensitive to his needs, thoughts and experiences as he is trying to be toward yours. A good mentor will be hard on you and will challenge your every thought, emotion and process that you thought you knew about life. He will basically make you feel like your and idiot; like you are a useless, stupid, immature idiot. But really that's your own self imposed insecurity. What he really wants is the best for you and it’s your responsibility to remember that.
  • John Muir.



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Ice Kevin

Ice Kevin

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